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Tom Fowler Law: Our Dedicated Team

Jan 17

When it comes to receiving fair compensation for personal injury cases, having the right team of lawyers by your side is critical in Clive, IA. Tom Fowler Law takes pride in featuring some of the Clive top professionals in its team of Des Moines Personal Injury Attorneys. So when you pay us a visit, be rest assured that we will pick up your injury case and hold your hand until you receive justice. Below are some of the professionals you’d expect to find when visiting a Des Moines Personal Injury Attorney.

Tom Fowler

Tom Fowler is a respected lawyer who has also served in the Marine Corps on two deployments. The veteran has always had a heart for service to humanity. He managed to secure his JD from the renowned Drake Law School. Through his expertise and experience, he has managed to recover millions of dollars in settlement for injured residents of Iowa. Being the founder of Tom Fowler Law, he has managed to bring in the necessary expertise and team that has driven the company to great success over the years. You can always trust our Des Moines Car Accident Attorney for expert representation for your legal injury case in Iowa.

Tyler Fowler

Tyler Fowler is the lead investigator and office manager at Tom Fowler Law. He is in charge of handling the investigative stage of all cases filed with the law firm. Tyler has immense experience in handling investigations. He never leaves a stone unturned. He has managed to gather sufficient evidence to warrant success in many cases handled at the law firm. So when you visit the firm, you are assured that your case will be investigated in detail before the evidence is submitted in court by the Personal Injury Lawyer Des Moines

Jana Fowler

Jana Fowler is an experienced registered nurse working at Tom Fowler Law. She has about nine years of experience in this field, having worked in an emergency setting, surgery, and long-term care. This puts her in a better position to assist in the investigation by assessing the injuries inflicted on clients out of negligence by other parties. 

Mona Fowler

Mona Fowler is an experienced nurse at the law firm. She has over thirty years of experience in the field and plays a vital role in assessing client injuries when building compensation cases. Her service is critical in complementing the Des Moines Car Accident Attorney services when handling personal injury cases.

Tom Fowler Law

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